HIH Insurance 

Questions & Answers

I didn't receive a payment but I believe that I acquired shares in HIH Insurance on or after the 25th August 1999?

This may have occurred for a number of reasons including:

  1. You were one of the successful shareholders that commenced the legal proceedings against HIH Insurance which resulted in the Supreme Court’s determination on shareholders’ entitlement.
  2. You represent a company that has been deregistered.
  3. Your shares in HIH Insurance are registered under a nominee, custodian or trustee company.
  4. You only transferred shares between related share registry accounts.
  5. Your claim was less than $25.
  6. Your address changed after you purchased the shares and you did not notify Boardroom Limited, the HIH Share Registrar or the HIH Helpdesk.

If one of these reasons are correct, please refer below for more specific information. If none of these reasons are applicable then please contact the HIH Helpdesk at enquiries@hih.com.au or mail to GPO Box 2707 Sydney NSW 2001 for further assistance.

What happens if I am a shareholder involved in the original Court Ruling (Plaintiff Shareholder)?

The claims of the successful Plaintiff Shareholders have already been paid by the Liquidators. If you are one of the successful Plaintiffs, you cannot have any further damages claims admitted in HIH.

What happens with claims from a company that has since been deregistered?

The Supreme Court has determined that deregistered companies have no claim against HIH Insurance or the Scheme companies.

I brought shares via an intermediary. What do I do?

The Liquidators have admitted and paid the claims to most registered shareholders as stated in the HIH share register as maintained by Boardroom Limited, the HIH Share Registrar. If the intermediary is the registered shareholder, you will need to contact the intermediary directly to obtain all details in relation to your entitlement.

My current claim is less than $25, will I get paid?

If the claim amount due to a shareholder is less than $25 then it is below the de minimis amount and the Liquidator/Scheme Administrator will not pay a distribution to these shareholders.

Can I update my address?

The Liquidators have paid the claims of all admitted shareholders. If you had an admitted claim and are not affected by the other reasons above, your unclaimed dividend entitlement has been paid to unclaimed money administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Please check ASIC’s unclaimed money website for your unclaimed money.