Q. When will I receive payment for my claim against Scheme Company?

The Scheme Administrators have made payments to certain creditors of certain Scheme Companies already. These payment percentages are shown on the Home and Financials tabs of this website. The Scheme Administrators will review the position of each Scheme company at least annually to consider raising the amount paid to Scheme Creditors.

It is not possible to reliably estimate at this stage when the Payment Percentages will increase. Each Scheme company will vary depending on the changes in creditor claims, the recovery of reinsurance assets, the progress of litigation and a number of other factors.

If you have not received a payment and you believe you are entitled to one, please contact the HIH Helpline in Australia on +61 2 9650 5777 or by email. In the U.K. Scheme Creditors can contact the U.K. Helpline on +44(0)20 7743 0858 or by email

Q. What are the Scheme Administrators estimates of likely recoveries?

The Scheme Administrators ultimate estimates of payments to creditors is shown in the financials tab of this website.

Q. When will I receive payment for my claim against one of the non - scheme companies within the HIH Group?

There are many companies within the HIH Group and payments are dependent on the circumstances of each individual company. Contact details in relation to every HIH entity are shown at the Contact Us page of this website.

Q. I have been approached to sell my claim against the HIH Group. What should I do?

It is recommended that you seek your own independent financial advice as to the options available to you.

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