HIH Royal Commission


Following the failure of the HIH group, the Australian Federal Government established the HIH Royal Commission to inquire into the causes of the failure.

The HIH Royal Commission completed its enquiries and its report was made public in April 2003. The Royal Commission report contained detailed information in relation to each of the companies, including details of any name changes in prior years, details of directors and office holders, and the last published financial information for each company prior to the failure.

The following documents are taken from the Explanatory Statement and the HIH Royal Commission website: "The HIH Royal Commission - The failure of HIH Insurance. Commonwealth of Australia 2003. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia reproduced by permission."

Corporate chart - this is an abbreviated chart identifying the ownership structure of some of the significant companies in the HIH Group, with the eight insurance companies licensed or formerly licensed in Australia identified on the chart.

Chronology of key events - this is the HIH Royal Commission's summary of key events in the history of the HIH Group between its commencement in 1968 and its failure in 2001.

Historical introductions - these brief summaries are the historical introductions published by the HIH Royal Commission for the eight licenced insurers in the HIH Group now subject to Schemes of Arrangement.

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